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Gift Ideas

Gift idea n°1 : The "property" of a vine stock! 

A vine stock, maintained by us but which bears a plaque in the name of its owner and entitles the latter, each year, to a personalised bottle of the grape variety chosen? Here is a gift that smells of terroir and lasts for 5 years!

The usufructuary is given a certificate of ownership and, in tasting, a bottle of the grape variety concerned. He can also take part in the grape harvest day which, every 3 years, is organised at the estate with the owners in question...


Grape varieties offered:

Riesling Schieferberg vine: 121 €

Pinot Gris vine: 141 €

Gewurzt Baumgarten vine: 172€

Pinot Noir vine: 150 €

(Europe rate can be consulted on the registration form)

Gift Idea n°2 : A few days of relaxation!

Offer your family or friends 2 or 3 nights in one of our gites or one of our guest rooms! Whether relaxing, hiking or visiting, they'll enjoy a few moments of relaxation every day, whatever their schedule. A gift idea... a winner for sure!

And that little plus: a visit of our cellar accompanied by a wine tasting in the company of the winegrower.

In practice: you contact us, pay for the stay... and we will send the happy beneficiaries a "gift certificate" that they will be able to use at their convenience


Gift idea n°3 : "From the vine to the bottle..."

Offer :
- usufruct of a vine stock (see conditions gift idea n°1),
- one night in a guest room for two persons,
- a private tasting,
- tour of the vineyard (visit of about 1/2 hour weather permitting)

Variable price depending on the grape variety chosen

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Sample option: usufruct Riesling Schieferberg 5 years + 1 night in a guest room for 2 persons + tasting + visit to the vineyard = 254€.